What We Believe


God created everything.  Nothing just happened.
God is bigger, better, closer, and more beautiful than we can imagine or think.
He is totally in control.
Jesus, God’s Son, is the ultimate in God showing Himself to us.
God has sent His Spirit to live in us and to empower us. The Holy Spirit also works through us by giving us spiritual gifts as described in Scripture.
The Bible is God’s word, the living, inspired, reliable, and supreme revelation.
God’s grace, given through Jesus’ death on a cross, is our best and only chance to have a now and eternal relationship with Him.
Heaven and Hell are real places.  Death is the beginning of one of them for all.
Death is not the end; it is the last beginning.
The church should serve people like Jesus did.
Marriage is a covenant designed by God to be for one man and one woman; sex is a wonderful gift from God that is intended solely for marriage.
The Lord’s Supper and Believer’s Baptism are acts of obedience to Jesus and are a testimony of our faith.
Jesus is coming again, soon, to put things right and establish His Kingdom.