Who We Are

Rivers come in all shapes and sizes and are always changing. Jesus came to make possible, for anyone who would jump into life in Him, a dynamic, life-changing relationship with God and to show us the course to becoming the total person He created each of us to be. The River Tulare is made up of people who, to whatever depth they can right now, are excited to be living in the richness and fullness of all God has for them and are equally persuaded that more people would want this life if they could see it flow! We endeavor to demonstrate this life before the world and to encourage and equip those who choose to jump in with us as we navigate the course God has planned for His people. Life in the River is always interesting and exciting. Come on in, join us, or at least stick a toe in and see how great the water is!
In 1993 God told me to “get ready to shepherd My sheep.” After 7 years of preparing, God called Deborah and me to Tulare, CA. With our three kids, we moved to this likable, small town and dove into all God had for us as pastors and shepherd of an historic, influential body of believers. It has been a terribly exciting and incredibly adventurous ride!
Our kids have grown up and are about finding out what God has for them, while Deborah and I dive into deeper and brighter things of God in this ministry. We love this body and what God is doing through them.
Associate Pastor
Evangelism / Missions Pastor
Children / Fellowship Pastor
Worship Leader